Can you use lash lifting products for brow lamination?

If you’re already doing lash lifting and/or brow lamination but with different products and as separate treatments, or if you’re offering lash lifting and thinking of adding brows to your treatments, then what you’re about to read will change your lash game forever!

Our new 2-in-1 lash lift and brow lamination kit means you can use the same product to do a combined treatment that can be carried out in just over an hour. It’s a win-win treatment as both you and your client can get maximum results in minimum time. 

With demand for treatments higher than ever and the added challenges of available time and space, this is a great way for you to increase your earning potential and recoup any losses in a shorter period of time.

2-in-1 lash lifting and brow lamination treatment process

We want to tell it and sell it as it is – so rather than have the same product packaged as two different ones, we’ve come up with the 2-in-1 system.  The blister pack system features 5 single use pearls:-

  • Brow Protector
  • Bonding Gel
  • Lifting Balm
  • Volumising Fix
  • Moisturising Serum

Blister pack system lash lifting and brow lamination

All of the products you need to do a lash lift and a brow lamination, easily accessible in just the one pack.

    So now the question on everyone’s lips…Is it safe to use the same product for a lash lift and brow lamination? Well, with the ilashHero system yes it is. Our lash & brow system products have been specially formulated to be used both on the lashes and brows.  But there are specific timings that must be followed for both parts of the treatment to maintain the health of the natural hairs, without compromising on the results.

    Are you ready to change your lash game? Thought so.