Brow Lamination FAQs

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a treatment that allows us to manipulate the brow hairs into a new desired position, either brushed up and fluffy or more as a corrective treatment for sparse brows.

How does brow lamination work?

We use two key products which allow us to restructure and manipulate the hairs into new positions.

What's the difference between brow lamination and brow tint?

Brow lamination is a restructuring process of the hairs whereas a brow tint is a process of changing the colour of the brow hairs.

Is brow lamination the same as microblading?

No, brow lamination is a temporary change of the natural brow hair position whereas micro blading is a procedure using a blade to implement pigment into the skin mimicking natural hair strokes.

Does brow lamination damage the natural brow hair?

No, as long as the treatment protocol is followed correctly.

What is the ilashHero 2-in-1 treatment?

This treatment has been designed to offer a lash lift and a brow lamination within the same appointment, one product for two treatments which will save time and money for both the technician and client.

How long does the ilashHero 2-in-1 treatment take to do?

The ilashHero 2-in-1 treatment can be done in just over 60 minutes.

How long does the ilashHero brow lamination treatment take?

The ilashHero brow lamination takes from 30 minutes.

Do I have to be trained with you to do the IlashHero brow lamination or 2-in-1 treatment?

We would recommend you do our 2-in-1 training course, to ensure that you can do both procedures correctly and safely. To buy our products you will need to create an account with us and have previously trained in lash lifting/brow lamination with an accredited lash lift/brow lamination company.

Is it safe to use the same product for lash lift and brow lamination?

Yes, however there are specified timings which must be followed for both parts of the treatment to always maintain the health of the natural hairs.

Do you have an ilashHero brow lamination tutorial?

Yes, you will find out more about this when you do your training with us.

What do I get in the ilashHero starter kit?

All of the essential core products to do brow lamination - some of the consumables required are not provided but are widely available from beauty wholesalers.

Can I use the single use treatments for more than one client if there is some leftover?

No, the blister packs have been designed for one time use only. This prevents cross contamination and loss of potency.

How long do brow lamination results last and how often can you do it?

The treatment result can last for up to 4-6 weeks and new treatment should not be performed any sooner than that.

What shades of tint are there?

We currently have three different tint shades but are developing others to add to our range in the future.

Is brow lamination permanent?

No, it is a temporary change of the brow hairs lasting up to 4-6 weeks.

Can brow lamination treatment be reversed?

Yes if it's within 24 hours of the treatment and by washing with water.

What do I do if a client has quite sparse brows?

This is a great treatment to help fill in areas of sparseness by brushing the brow hairs into those areas, covering them up and creating a fluffier fuller appearance.

What do I do if there are gaps in the brows after the lamination treatment?

You can keep the brushing hairs to cover any other gaps or use a finishing product (brow pencil or powder).

Can you use brow colouring products after you’ve had brow lamination?

Yes of course, it's a great way to add extra definition to the brow.

What is the recommended after care after an ilashHero brow lamination?

Avoid water for 24 hours and use a brow conditioner between treatments to maintain the health of the natural brow hairs.

Can you do brow lamination without a tint?

Yes, especially if the client is allergic to tint.

Does brow lamination hurt?

No, the treatment should be a comfortable and a relaxing experience for you client.

Can you have brow lamination if you're pregnant?

We would not recommend doing the treatment on a pregnant woman but we do always suggest checking with your own insurance policies for verification.

Can you do brow lamination on a client who has had microblading?

Yes, this is a great addition to a clients brow that has had microblading as long as there are natural brow hairs present.

Can men have brow lamination too?


Is ilashHero brow lamination vegan?

Unfortunately not as there are key ingredients present which are derived from animals, however none of our products are tested on animals.

What other brow products do you sell?

We sell a range of amazing brow products which you can shop here.

Do you sell any brow retail products?

Yes, we sell a Lash & Brow Conditioner to help maintain the health of the natural brow hairs.

What is your policy on patch testing?

A patch test isn't always required unless your insurance policy requests them, however we strongly suggest always patch testing for the tint.

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