Lash Lifting FAQs

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a treatment that lifts the natural lashes from the root to enhance the length, to add volume and create a mascara-like effect lasting up to 6-8 weeks with very little maintenance needed.

How does a lash lift work?

We use 2 key products which temporarily change the structure of the hair, so that the natural hair can be manipulated into the desired position.

Is a lash lift the same as a lash perm?

The lash perm was designed to create a curl within the natural lash which actually appears to shorten the natural lashes, whereas the lash lift has been designed to create maximum length within the natural lash by working the product right onto the root giving amazing definition to the eye area.

Which is better - lash lift or extensions?

They are both amazing treatments , it all depends on what your desired result is and what level of maintenance you prefer.

What makes the ilashHero Lash Lift different to traditional lash lifting products?

The ilashHero lash lift has been designed to help moisturize and hydrate the lashes (rather than dehydrate them) to give the wow effect lift.

What is the ilashHero 2-in-1 treatment?

This treatment has been designed to offer a lash lift and a brow lamination within the same appointment, one product for two treatments which will save time and money for both the technician and client.

How long does the ilashHero 2-in-1 treatment take to do?

The ilashHero 2-in-1 treatment can be done in just over 60 minutes.

How long does the ilashHero lift treatment take?

The ilashHero lash lift takes from 45 minutes.

Do I have to be trained with you to do the ilashHero lash lift?

No, but you will need to create an account with us and have previously trained in lash lifting with an accredited lash lift company.

Do I have to be trained with you to do the ilashHero 2-in-1 treatment?

We would recommend you do our 2-in-1 training course, to ensure that you can do both procedures correctly and safely. To buy our products you will need to create an account with us and have previously trained in lash lifting/brow lamination with an accredited lash lift/brow lamination company.

Is it safe to use the same product for lash lift and brow lamination?

Yes, however there are specified timings which must be followed for both parts of the treatment to always maintain the health of the natural hairs.

Do you have an ilashHero lash lift tutorial?

Yes, you will find out more about this when you do your training with us.

What do I get in the ilashHero starter kit?

All of the essential core products to do a lash lift - some of the consumables required are not provided but are widely available from beauty wholesalers.

Can I use the single use treatments for more than one client if there is some leftover?

No, the blister packs have been designed for one time use only. This prevents cross contamination and loss of efficacy.

How long does a lash lift last and how often can you do it?

The lash lift is designed to last 6-8 weeks and should not be performed any sooner as to maintain the health of the natural lashes.

Is a lash lift permanent?

No, the lash lift will last as long as the clients natural hair growth cycle, making it a temporary lift of up to 6-8 weeks.

Does a lash lift damage the natural lashes?

No, as long as the treatment is performed correctly and safely. The products are absolutely safe to use for natural lashes.

What is the recommended after care after an ilashHero lash lift?

Using a lash conditioner daily is a key product to keep the lashes healthy just like you would use on the hair on your head.

Will a lash lift work on short lashes?

Yes of course, this is an amazing treatment for short lashes to add length and definition.

Can I do a lash lift on the lower lashes?


Can I do a lash lift without a tint?

Yes, especially if the client is allergic to tint.

Does a lash lift hurt?

No, the process should be a comfortable and relaxing experience for your client.

Can you have a lash lift if you're pregnant?

We would not recommend doing the treatment on a pregnant woman but we do always suggest checking with your own insurance policies for verification.

Can you wear mascara after you’ve had a lash lift?

Yes, but only 24 hours after the treatment.

Can I do a lash lift on a client who has eyelash extensions?

No, the lash lift can only be performed on natural lashes.

Can men have a lash lift too?


Is ilashHero lash lift vegan?

Unfortunately not as there are key ingredients present which are derived from animals, however we never test products on animals.

What other lash products do you sell?

We sell a range of amazing lash products which you can shop here.

Do you sell any lash retail products?

Yes, we sell a Lash & Brow Conditioner to help maintain your clients lash lift for longer.

What is your policy on patch testing?

A patch test isn't always required unless your insurance policy requests them, however we strongly suggest always patch testing for the tint.

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