About Us

Brought together by a passion for lashes, ilashHero was created with one goal…....lashes for everyone. For those who haven't yet dared. For those deserving more. For those who are committed. We're on a mission to give every woman the confidence to have lash treatments done. So open your eyes to the possibilities and a new-found beauty for all – no doubts, no fears, just lashes that feel wow and look amazing every day. 

Our products won’t let you down – advanced formulas packed with natural ingredients to moisturize and hydrate the lashes so they feel as wow as they look. We like to think of it as lash therapy! We will change the lash game, which is why we’re starting with a new 2-in-1 treatment that will revolutionize the way we do lashes & brows. A combined lash lifting & brow lamination treatment carried out in just over an hour? Maximum results in minimum time? You’re welcome.

Not only that, we’ll make it as easy as possible to shop and train with us from our blended online learning to our brand advocacy program. Join our squad and we’ll deliver the best training and support in a way that’s as flexible and accessible as possible so it works for you.

What do we stand for? We’ll tell it as it is – trust us & our industry-leading products and never look back. We’ll work with you – listening and acting on your feedback. We’ll embrace the individual – it’s your lashes, your way with a little help from us.

Be part of something amazing - be an ilashHero and let's create heroic beauty together.

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